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Bulimia and depression are often linked. Bulimia nervosa is a kind of eating disorder where people, especially teenage girls, indulge in overeating or feel they have overeaten and, due to fear of weight gain, force themselves to vomit what they have eaten. In addition, affected persons sometimes take diuretics, laxatives, etc, to purge the food they have eaten.

This form of disorder, where episodes of eating are followed by episodes of throwing up food ingested, is referred to as bulimia nervosa. It has been found that bulimia is a psychological disorder like anorexia nervosa and is common among teenage girls who are obsessed with losing weight and staying thin.

Teenagers, especially girls, often end up battling two conditions at the same time - bulimia and depression, often chronic depression. This is because bulimia is a psychological disorder where the mind is constantly in a state of tension and turmoil regarding weight loss. Every time the affected person has a meal or something to eat, he or she feels guilty and imagines that he or she is going to put on weight, which is what drives him or her to forcefully induce vomiting and purge everything that has been eaten.

This constant fear of gaining weight and looking fat or obese starts getting them down and depressed. Their only objective then becomes to lose weight. Besides eating and throwing up what has been eaten, some of them also join various exercise programs and overdo the exercise bit, too. Driving themselves to extremes in an attempt to lose weight is what sets in depression and causes the bulimia and depression connection.

Everyone is aware of the fact that alternating between eating and throwing up cannot be carried out on a sustained basis, because the system cannot take this kind of abuse. All this results in various other associated health problems, like acidity, fatigue, lack of energy, irritability, shortness of breath, etc, which is when friends and family notice that there is something wrong with the child. Thus, the obsession to become thin is something one needs to be careful about because, if this is not fixed in a timely manner, it can result in a lot of stress on the person and the family.

Bulimia and depression are definitely related, and the type of depression associated with bulimia is called dysthymia, which is a form of depression where the symptoms are long-lasting and can go on for over 10 to 12 years.

Persons suffering from dysthymia often lack self esteem, which is why a lot of importance is given to physical appearance. If there is a mismatch between what they believe is ideal and what they actually are, it results in feelings of hopelessness. It is also important to treat both bulimia and depression simultaneously, mainly because one can trigger the other. Thus, as long as a person has been diagnosed with both conditions, chances are, if one continues the other, too, will set in.

Counseling, therapy, and other forms of natural treatment modalities accompanied with a healthy diet and exercise program are found to be extremely beneficial to people suffering from bulimia and depression.

Initially, the gross misconception of ideal weight needs to be tackled so that people understand physical appearance is not ultimate. Instead, the key is to stay fit and healthy. Once the person has been successfully convinced that he or she needs to stop obsessing about weight and his or her diet has been regularized, his or her fears and emotions need to be worked on. Negative and pessimistic attitudes will have to be changed into positive and optimistic ones, where teens or adults suffering from this condition learn to appreciate themselves for who they.

Further, they should be encouraged to give up smoking, caffeine, drugs, and alcohol at the earliest and cultivate a healthy exercise, yoga, and meditation program. It also helps to go for detoxification programs, full-body massages with essential oils, acupuncture, and other natural treatment modalities, because these will relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize the body without any side effects.

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