Childhood Depression Treatment - Treating Affected Children

Childhood depression treatment is more or less similar to adult depression treatment. The options for treating children with depression include counseling, therapy, and antidepressants.

In children, however, nurturing and environment contributes significantly to helping the child recover from depression. Children are easily distracted and it is easy to maneuver their thoughts and emotions and introduce positive thinking patterns. Parents can help children cultivate hobbies that keep them occupied and encourage them to share their thoughts, which make it a little easier for people treating the problem.


One form of childhood depression treatment is counseling. Counseling sessions include child counselors engaging children in games and activities that help them express their feelings, and in turn the professionals will gently suggest and introduce positive thought processes. Parents and family will be advised to make children feel important and shower them with attention, love, and affection so that they feel secure, loved, and cherished.

Counselors will focus on encouraging children to give up negative habits and thought patterns. This will be understood and followed mainly because the kids are open and have no precedents.


Another childhood depression treatment is therapy or psychotherapy. Here, child psychologists treat childhood depression through therapy sessions where children are encouraged to draw, color, tell stories, write stories, play act and ultimately share their feelings without any fear.

Through these activities, therapists will establish the kids’ thought patterns. If in doubt, they will request for diagnostic tests - all questionnaires and assessment tests are administered to both parents and children to help diagnose the problem accurately.

Therapists and / or psychiatrists generally conduct repeat sessions, administer tests and assess decrease or increase in symptoms and, if required, prescribe medications.


The third childhood depression treatment is, of course, medication, which includes administering Prozac in children and teens between the ages of 8 and 18. However, drugs are prescribed carefully because of their side effects and dosages are altered or tapered based on regular assessments.

Performance at school, improvement in eating and sleep patterns, levels of concentration etc, are assessed and medication is tapered. Once the cause of depression is ascertained and treated, all the associated signs and symptoms will cease. Therefore, parents must share all information with the physician and help them treat the cause of depression.

In our view, the use of drugs as a childhood depression treatment should only be undertaken as a last resort.


In addition to the above, parents play a very significant role in helping children recover from depression. Some tips to be followed by parents include the following:

  • Parents should participate in various activities with their children, indulge them and ensure that they understand that they are not alone or isolated.

  • Family activities that involve getting together and spending quality time with children, listening to them and encouraging them to share their feelings should be factored into routine activities.

  • Meeting with the school authorities on a regular basis to assess their kids’ performance in school and extra curricular activities will help parents understand where the child is facing problems.

  • Consider bringing home a pet and encouraging the child to interact with the pet or other children - keeping them busy will help them de-stress.

  • Introducing physical activities like a sport or game will ensure they get enough exercise, develop a healthy appetite, as well as sleep well.

All this and more can be done to help children recover from depression. Once the triggers are established, one can ensure they are recognized, and one can help his or her kid to overcome them, thus preventing him or her from ever suffering from depression again.

At the end of the day, the greatest childhood depression treatment and prevention is love, care, concern and quality time spent with the children – there is no better substitute for this.

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