Cognitive Therapy for Depression Treatment and Relief

What is the usefulness and effectiveness of using cognitive therapy for depression treatment and relief?

While depression does have a slight genetic element, more often than not, it is certain stress factors, unpleasant personal or professional incidents, etc which trigger the condition. Unless and until these memories, incidents, and unpleasantness are effectively dealt with, depression will likely continue to haunt the affected person. It is therefore extremely important for affected persons to overcome life’s challenges, move on, and ultimately free themselves of negative thoughts and emotions.

Various forms of treatment for depression include pharmacological treatment, psychological treatment, and alternative forms of treatment. Among the psychological forms of treatment, psychotherapy is considered to be extremely effective and helpful.

Now, there are different types of psychotherapy, such as cognitive therapy, family therapy, group therapy, etc. Among such treatment modalities, cognitive therapy for depression is the most widely used, and it has been found to make a difference to persons suffering from the condition.

This is mainly because cognitive therapy helps correct the convoluted thinking process in a person suffering from depression. Cognitive therapy helps people to get a fresh and positive perceptive on issues they are facing, and also helps them to overcome the underlying negativity that stems from their thought process.

The purpose of cognitive therapy for depression is to ensure that people suffering from the condition change their thinking pattern from a negative standpoint to a more positive and optimistic attitude. Depressed persons tend to think negatively, sometimes bordering on suicidal thoughts, and this can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, such thought patterns should be addressed, and feelings of helplessness, defeat, self-hating, etc, should be replaced with more harmonious, creative, constructive and self-loving thoughts.

While most antidepressant medications help treat a person’s physiological symptoms, it doesn’t effectively deal with the root cause of depression. Cognitive therapy for depression, on the other hand, helps the depressed person to deal effectively with various psychological problems, such as fears, anxiety, helplessness, etc. It creates a positive thought pattern and will reinforce a positive attitude in his or her life.

For persons suffering from drug addictions, alcoholism, etc, cognitive therapy could also include teaching them new skills, so that they can develop new ways of dealing with their addiction problems, and overcome these predominant issues in an effective manner.

Cognitive therapy involves training the mind to think differently and positively, reinforcing the importance of developing a healthy attitude towards life, circumstances, people, and problems. It is an effective form of treatment modality, especially for teens and young children, mainly because teens often suffer from low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. As a result, they often have difficulty facing challenges at school and at home, due to the fact they are easily confused, frustrated, and lost.

In situations like these, cognitive therapy will give them a new perspective, and make them feel good about themselves. Such treatment will instill a good amount of confidence in their own ability to do well at school and to handle the various challenges they face.

Positive reinforcement of thoughts, ideas, words, and actions will help develop a good deal of optimism and zeal in the life of a person suffering from depression. Ultimately, it will empower a person to overcome depression at the root level, with absolutely no side effects like most medications do. That is the usefulness of using cognitive therapy for depression treatment and relief.

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