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Have you ever seen a depressed cat? The truth is, just like humans and dogs, cats, too, suffer from depression.

Some of the causes which trigger depression in cats include death of the owner or separation both long term and short term. Some of the possible scenarios of separation are owners traveling for a few weeks or months, separation of couples where the pet is taken by one or the other partner, children leaving home for education or jobs, etc, shifting from one location to another permanently, or when the cat is left at a shelter when the owner is ill or hospitalized, etc.

Some easy and quick methods by which owners can resolve the problem of depressed cats is to try and keep them engaged in one’s absence. There are various methods for doing so, for example investing in new cat toys, introducing a new variety of cat food, as well as encouraging children to talk to the cat, pat it, and take it out for short walks. Also, owners can allow the cat to laze around them while watching television, and generally spend time with the pet and indulge the cat by playing little tricks with him or her.

In addition to the above, if symptoms of depressed cats persist, it is advisable to take the cat to the vet, who might recommend medication. This could be a mild antidepressant drug and, if the condition improves with drug, one must consult the vet regarding tapering the dosage and discontinuing its use later.

As always, our stand is that the use of drugs for any type of depression, and that includes depressed cats, should only be a last resort.

One must note that animals, and this includes both cats and dogs, are extremely sensitive to the moods and emotions of their owners. They are instinctively able to pick up the vibes and sense tension if the owner is upset or disturbed.

Cats and dogs have a tendency to starve themselves when the owner is not around, therefore, one must ensure that someone who is familiar with the pet is around while one is missing in action for extended periods of time.

Most pets get used to a routine and, if the routine is upset or there are any upheavals in their meal time, walk time, or sleep time, they tend to miss it and feel uneasy. As far as possible, it is best to maintain a routine and stick to it so that the pet does not have to wait aimlessly for food, walk, or sleep. Regularizing these activities will ensure that the pet is comfortable and relaxed, and thus help to prevent depressed cats.

Cats and dogs are a blessing at home. Often times, they are the ones that humans turn to when they are down and depressed because they seem to understand and are good stress busters too. Playing with a pet is an activity that must be encouraged in children, teens, and adults because by doing this, one is communicating with nature, there is no negativity here, and it is an extremely relaxing activity.

Owners should therefore try and spend some time with their cats or dogs because it will benefit both equally. Not only can increased quality time between pet and owner help prevent depressed cats or dogs, it can help ward off depression in people, too.

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