Depressed Girlfriend - Discussion and Recovery

Having a depressed girlfriend can be a challenging situation. After all, it is not easy being around a depressed person, and certainly not someone as close as one’s girlfriend, mainly because it is extremely difficult to understand and help someone who is depressed, unless they want to help themselves.

Girlfriends suffering from depression might suddenly exhibit some strange signs and behavior patterns which are extremely difficult to understand. Unless she is open and willing to share all her problems with the boyfriend, there is very little one can do to help.

Very often, guys are left thinking that girls are not interested in them any longer and stop dating or seeing them. This results in further depression in the women, who then start blaming themselves and their problem for the growing distance between two people who were once sharing a meaningful relationship.

Women sometimes have a problem communicating the truth to their boyfriends for fear of a break up and continue to pretend or give excuses for their sad and depressed state. This creates further problems because the change in mood is so obvious that guys continue to remain puzzled about the whole thing.

It is therefore important for men to educate themselves and become aware of the various problems a depressed girlfriend could be facing and try to be of support. Depression is not an easy problem to deal with, but is not an insurmountable task either. With a little patience, understanding, and time, they can definitely succeed in helping their depressed girlfriends overcome this challenge easily.

Relationships are extremely delicate and a little misunderstanding can lead to major arguments that could result in a permanent break in the relationship. Therefore, one must be extremely cautious while dealing with a depressed girlfriend. Some tips on recognizing some of the signs and symptoms in depressed girlfriends are as follows:

  • Significant change in mood, which remains sad and low perpetually. No matter how hard one tries, this does not seem to go away.
  • Complains of physical aches and pains without any underlying cause.
  • Insomnia, lack of sleep, or disturbed sleep that goes on for weeks.
  • Poor appetite accompanied by sudden weight loss or overeating resulting in sudden weight gain.
  • Constant arguments and fights over trivial issues.
  • Uncontrollable crying spells for no apparent reason.
  • Negative and pessimistic attitude towards self and the rest of the world.
  • Refuses to indulge in any pleasure, fun, and social activities.
  • Starts neglecting personal health and hygiene.

If five or more of these symptoms persist for over two weeks, it is a sure sign of possible depression and one must ensure that immediate professional help is obtained to treat the problem. Sometimes, patients refuse to visit the doctor and share their problems mainly because they feel embarrassed. Therefore, it is important to accompany the patient during physician appointments and discuss all problems that the patient is facing.

Typical treatment options for depressed girlfriends include counseling, psychotherapy, and pharmacotherapy. The latter includes antidepressants, which need to be taken as per physician’s recommendation.

Very often, patients tend to discontinue or stop taking the medication once the symptoms of depression disappear. However, this is not advisable because, for the problem to be resolved and maximum relief to be obtained, it is important to consult the physician before making such decisions. Therefore, it is important for someone responsible like the boyfriend or family member to ensure all medication is taken as per prescription and that medication is never skipped.

Of course, as always, our stand regarding pharmaceutical drugs is that they should only ever be used as a last resort as treatment for depression.

In addition, it is important for loved ones to offer support and strength during these testing times. Often, relationships go through these difficult times and partners start resenting each other without understanding the underlying cause. With a little patience, love and affection, one can see one’s depressed girlfriend through this phase and ensure that the relationship only gets stronger.

Persons suffering from depression should be encouraged to share their feelings, talk about their fears, and be taught to overcome the same. It is important for the boyfriend to be a source of strength and support during these difficult times, and to encourage the girlfriend to engage herself in various mentally stimulating hobbies, physical exercise, yoga, and meditation. All these help people to relax and develop a strong mind, which will then be able to cope with the various challenges of depression.

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