Depression and Impotence - Discussion

The link between depression and impotence could work both ways.

Firstly, while there could be several reasons for impotence, one of the most common reasons for this condition is psychological in nature. The psychological reason for impotence, however, could be triggered by some physiological condition; therefore, aspects need to be examined while studying and treating persons with erectile dysfunction or impotence.

On the other hand, impotence can also lead to a lot of frustration and depression, mainly because it is difficult for men to come to terms with the fact that they are experiencing impotence. There is a certain amount of anxiety attached to this condition and it becomes very difficult for some men to come to terms with it. Failure to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse can cause a lot of frustration and stress, which directly affects the state of mind, thus leading to depression.

Psychological Impotence - the Depression and Impotence Connection

There is a strong mind-body element of the depression and impotence link. The entire physiological function of achieving an erection is controlled by the brain, and the very same activity can also be prevented by the brain. Therefore, depending upon the impulses received by the brain, the messages will be transmitted to the penis, thus bringing about an erection. If negative impulses are received instead of positive impulses, and transmitted by the brain to the penis, it will result in poor or no erection.

Thus, depending upon the person’s prevailing mood, stress, depression, anxiety, etc, if the brain receives negative impulses and causes erectile dysfunction, this will be considered psychological impotence.

Impotence Causing Mental Stress and Anxiety

There could, however, also be isolated incidents of erectile dysfunction in men because of extreme stress, fatigue, and alcohol consumption. In some cases, an occasional episode of impotence can cause a lot of anxiety and stress in the person and become the cause of further stress, frustration, and anxiety; this situation could then trigger further problems in achieving and maintaining an erection. Thus, some men could suffer from what is termed "performance anxiety", mainly because of one or two episodes of impotence and their inability to deal with them, triggering a depression and impotence cycle.

Therefore, it is extremely important that men understand that isolated incidents of erectile dysfunction should not become the cause of more stress and anxiety, because this often becomes one of the main causes of further depression and impotence. Again, depression can become of the main causes of impotence because, when a person’s mind is acting from a negative or frustrated state, it can worsen the problem further. In these circumstances, one condition can lead to the other, and they need to be dealt with simultaneously.

Help for Depression and Impotence

There are several methods of treating impotence, but it is first important to diagnose the cause of the problem. If there is a physiological problem that needs to be addressed first, and once it has been sorted out, it will become relatively easier to work with the psychological problems, especially depression.

It is important for men to learn how to manage stress effectively without affecting their health and relationships, because if stress takes over, all else will take a backseat and the person will get affected psychologically. In such a situation, impotence will only worsen.

Similarly, it is important for friends and family to cooperate, be patient, and understand what the person is going through. If impotence continues and becomes more frequent, one must seek help or consider alternative treatment options as well as make his life stress-free as far as possible.

One can also go through various available treatment options and, after going through all their pros and cons, consider a safe treatment modality.

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