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The association between depression and suicide is the most saddening one. The ultimate result of severe depression can be suicide, which is an extremely drastic, painful, and sorrowful experience for the person, friends, and family.

People diagnosed with clinical depression run a high risk of committing suicide at some point in time or the other. Severe cases of major depression often run the highest risk of suicide, especially among people in the age group of 25 to 40. The rate of suicide linked with depression is steadily increasing for all age groups and is equally high among teens and adolescents.

Also, people suffering from depression who develop suicidal thoughts and attempt suicide are more likely to succeed in ending their lives during successive attempts. It has been established that suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the world today and continues to increase with every passing day. One of the main causes identified for suicidal deaths is depression.

Warning Signs of Depression and Suicide

Fail to properly handle and treat depression and suicide could be the result. Some of the signs and symptoms that need to be looked out for in persons suffering from depression that could possibly act as a warning for impending suicide attempts are:

  • Frequent talks about “not being around for long”, “no point living anymore”, “I wish I was dead”, etc. In situations like this, it is important for friends and family to discourage these thoughts immediately and address the underlying problem of depression as soon as possible. If these negative emotions stick around for more than two to three months, affected persons run a high risk of attempting suicide.

  • The pattern of depression and suicide is often a recurring one. Previous history of attempting suicide while going through depression is another reason that can compel people to think about killing themselves. It is characteristic of people to react to any given situation in the same manner that they have in the past. If people suffering from depression have attempted suicide in the past, it is a strong indication that during the next bout of depression, these people are going to think along similar lines. Therefore, it is very important for friends and family to watch out for the first signs of depression and take immediate measures to prevent the person from going further into a depressive state.

  • People suffering from depression often express a total lack of interest in present and future events. They often do not participate in any social activities involving friends and family. Isolating themselves from regular activities, family gatherings, outings, etc, is a sign of depression which is going from bad to worse. These behavior patterns encourage feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, which then further encourage the affected persons to harbor thoughts of suicide, which they will possibly work on over a period of time.

  • Taking too many unhealthy risks, over medicating themselves, driving rashly, drinking too much, and engaging in activities that are dangerous to life is a marked sign of people who have suicidal tendencies. When friends and family notice these signs, it is important to consult expert psychiatrists or psychologists who can help such people overcome these depression and suicide tendencies with immediate effect.

Coping With Emergency Depression and Suicide Situations

When there are people going through depression at home, it is important to keep all suicide prevention method-related information and crisis-related information handy. Telephone numbers of doctors, helpline services, ambulance services, first aid, and other related information should be easily available in case of need.

In a crisis, it is important for friends and family to not panic and start reacting. It is important to first help the victim, contact the ambulance or healthcare facility on a priority basis, and remember to narrate the history of the person to the relevant authorities.

Family members must also ensure that they discourage keeping weapons at home or keep them locked and provide no access to them. Medication, too, should be monitored and administered by family members, rather than leave it to the depressed person. Sharp objects, harmful weapons, etc, should not be easily accessible. Further, persons suffering from depression should be monitored frequently and discouraged from isolating themselves for long periods of time.

Long Term Recovery and Healing

In case of persons who have survived suicide attempts, utmost care should be taken during the recovery phase and post-recovery phase. Reaching out to persons in this condition is very difficult but one must not lose hope, because this is an extremely critical and vulnerable phase in their lives which will determine the course of their future.

Helping them realize the true value of life and the need to get over this extremely difficult phase depends very greatly on loved ones, because these people will be almost completely disoriented and traumatized. Adequate therapy, counseling, and alternative healing techniques in helping them overcome their problems will work to their advantage and help them recovery quickly from depression and suicide tendencies.

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