Depression Checklist of Possible Signs and Symptoms

Do you think you may be feeling depressed? The depression checklist of possible depression signs and symptoms on this page may help.

All of us experience lows from time to time, and we sometimes go through some really dark periods. However, if these lows seem to last for longer than two or three weeks and show no signs of exiting, it is time to take the problem seriously and examine it closely - it could be a case of clinical depression. And the sooner one confirms it, the earlier one can seek help and overcome it.

The checklist below provides some of the signs and symptoms of depression. However, to determine if you truely have depression, you would need to be diagnosed by a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, who might make use of a depression scale to assess you.

One must also note that sometimes, there are other health conditions that mimic depression and its various signs and symptoms, and only a health practitioner will be able to diagnose the actual problem.

Enclosed below is the depression checklist which consists of various signs and symptoms that one will experience while going through depression. If one answers in the positive for more than 50-60% of these questions, it is important to consult a health professional and obtain an accurate diagnosis of potential depression.

Depression Checklist

Sadness and Unhappiness
  • I often feel sad, a lot of the time for no apparent or obvious reason.
  • I may not feel sad, but I just have this feeling of "emptiness".
  • I often feel like sobbing or crying.
  • I feel terrible inside, even though I may be smiling on the outside.
  • I feel like I am alone in this world.
  • I feel helpless and useless.

    Other Feelings and Emotional Aspects of this Depression Checklist
  • I often feel afraid, although I do not really know why.
  • I often feel guilty about something.
  • I often feel angry, sometimes even to the point of losing my temper.
  • I am often frustrated, with people, things, myself, etc.
  • I often feel anxious and nervous.

    Self Esteem Issues
  • I do not like myself or who I am.
  • I do not have any confidence in myself.
  • I have become very conscious of my own shortcomings.
  • I feel stupid.
  • I feel ugly.
  • I sometimes feel different from everyone else, and that nobody understands me.

    Loss of Interest
  • I am often bored.
  • I have lost interest in most or all activities.
  • I have lost the ability to have fun.
  • I no longer feel like speaking to anyone or most people.
  • I do not wish to socialize or make friends anymore.
  • I no longer care about my appearance or how I look.
  • I feel like life is aimless and meaningless.
  • I sometimes think that life is not worth living anymore.

    Mental Issues of this Depression Checklist
  • I no longer want to decide anything, as it is too much of a chore.
  • I cannot focus or concentrate on anything.
  • I feel like my mind is in a fog.
  • I sometimes feel like my mind is in a mess.
  • I sometimes find it hard to think straight or think properly.
  • I feel like my memory is failing, and I have difficulty remembering things.
  • I sometimes feel like I am losing my mind.

    Physical Aspects of this Depression Checklist
  • My entire body feels slow, including my movements and my speech.
  • I often feel tired and fatigued, no matter how much rest or sleep I get.
  • I have insomnia, either finding it hard to fall asleep, or always waking up in the middle of the night and then having difficulty getting back to sleep.
  • I have poor appetite, and most food seems tasteless.
  • I have increased appetite - I am eating more than usual and putting on weight.
  • I have experienced marked weight gain or weight loss.
  • I often feel restless.
  • I have pains in my neck.
  • I sometimes get dizzy spells.
  • I sometimes feel nauseous.
  • I have pains in my arms and legs.
  • I get frequent headaches.
  • I get tummy aches.
  • I feel clumsier than usual.
  • I sometimes experience my heart beating and pounding very quickly, together with breathlessness.
  • I sometimes experience blurry vision; sometimes, it makes me feel like I might pass out.
  • I indulge in alcohol, drugs, and / or other substances.

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