Depression Disability - Being Disabled and Depressed

For the purpose of this page, the term "depression disability" is used to refer to the depressed state suffered after one gets hit by disability.

Disability is one of the main causes of depression, especially among accident victims, senior citizens, and children born with disability. Often, disability occurs when it is least expected, and the sudden shock of the trauma that led to the disability affects people psychologically and physiologically.

Since the need of the hour demands that the person be treated for his or her physiological injuries, physicians, family, and caretakers cater to the physical needs and trauma that the person is going through and very often neglect the psychological aspect of the problem. This creates a lot of mental agony, tension, frustration, and helplessness in the person affected, which then could then lead to depression disability.

For example, an accident victim who has survived the trauma but loses a limb or sight, etc, will find it extremely difficult to come to terms with his or her loss. While the family is relieved that the person survived the accident and is recovering from various other injuries, the physical pain and suffering is catered to more than the psychological suffering. Therefore, the person ends up facing this challenge pretty much on his or her own, not knowing how to deal with the disability in the future. Depression disability could then result.

Similarly, persons who are aged and have been leading an independent life thus far find it impossible to come to terms with their physical and emotional disabilities and other ailments. Again, depression disability could then result. At the same time, persons suffering from conditions like debilitating arthritis, leg amputation because of gangrene, Alzheimer’s disease, etc, often get so depressed that they contemplate suicide.

The fact that they cannot function like other people of the same age group and that they could be drawing a lot of sympathetic reactions, etc, constantly nag them and cripple them emotionally. Soon, they begin to lose interest in all physical activities and begin to isolate themselves from friends and family. This leads to further frustration and tension because they are not used to being alone and on their own; they then feel terribly helpless and hopeless. Situations like these make them feel very negative and ultimately they end up getting depressed.

Disabilities affect the mind as much as they affect the physical body of the person in question. As soon as it is established that people have a certain disability temporarily or permanently, it is advisable to seek professional help and ensure that the person goes for therapy. Although it might not be an idea welcomed by the person in question, it will certainly help him or her overcome certain fears, as well as negative and pessimistic thoughts he or she has been harboring. This will help to prevent depression disability.

They also need to become aware of their rights and understand that they should not be discriminated against. This might warrant seeing a legal expert, but this can happen later. Firstly, it is important to address the fears and feelings of desolation experienced by persons suffering from various disabilities. This aids in keeping depression disability at bay, and prevents the worsening of the problem.

Friends and family should also encourage such persons to interact with people as they used to in the past, and not let their physical condition interfere with their relationships. Most people are mature enough to understand the person’s situation and will act responsibly. In cases where they do not do so, the person should not feel victimized. Instead, he or she should learn to take it in his or her stride as far as possible, and remind people that it is not correct to discriminate against people with disabilities.

In addition to the above, certain forms of yoga that involve breathing exercises which are easy to follow should be practiced on a daily basis, so that these persons feel less stressed and more relaxed. Similarly, meditation, listening to music, reading, solving crosswords, Sudoko, etc, will help divert their minds towards something light and creative, and help to stimulate them. Thus, slowly but steadily, affected persons will learn to come to terms with their condition, and soon recover from the trauma and depression disability.

A lot of love, affection, patience, and fortitude from friends and family will be needed, and they will have to be around to encourage and support the affected persons to help navigate them through these difficult times.

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