Depression from Adult Acne; Link Between Acne and Being Depressed

Do a lot of people get depression from adult acne?

It is said that nearly 35% of the adult population suffers from acne between the ages 20 and 35 (presumably this is in the Western modern world). Most people expect the acne problem to clear by the time they are out of their teens, and often it does.

However, sometimes, acne continues to persist beyond the teenage years. This is when it starts bothering people even more than before, and they start really worrying about this problem. Acne is painful, embarrassing at times, and will not clear overnight, which adds to a person’s stress.

Adults, especially women suffering from acne, sometimes become extremely conscious of their appearance and begin to feel sad and depressed when they have to attend social activities. Soon, they start to isolate themselves, worry way too much about the acne problem and ultimately end up suffering depression from adult acne.

When acne problems persist despite several attempts to cure it, people begin to feel disheartened. Their minds will be preoccupied with thoughts of their personal appearance and slowly, this will start affecting their self esteem and self confidence. Under such circumstances, if people make stray remarks about their problem, they get very defensive and develop a very negative and pessimistic attitude.

Once people slip into this kind of thought process, it becomes difficult to change it quickly. All this will lead to self loathing and feeling hopeless. They will then lose interest in socializing, meeting with people and generally shut themselves out from the external world. This is followed by feelings of desperation to fix the problem and when this does not happen, they get frustrated. The entire cycle of battling with acne and their emotions starts taking a toll on the person and his or her thinking, which then leads to depression from adult acne.

While depression from adult acne is not a severe form of depression, it certainly interferes with the normal functioning of a person and disrupts day-to-day life. People around those suffering from depression caused by acne need to be extremely careful while talking about physical appearances.

Family and friends need to educate and inform the affected person that healing is a slow process and will take place over a period of time. They need to boost the afflicted person's self confidence by appreciating all other facets of their personality and ultimately see that the person does not feel excluded or unwanted because of their acne problem and cosmetic reasons. Siblings should be encouraged not to tease and make insensitive remarks about this problem, because some times, in a weak moment, affected persons might feel extremely dejected and contemplate suicide or do something drastic like that.

The main way to deal with depression from adult acne is perhaps to deal with the acne problem itself. Some ways to cure acne or reduce the problem include:

  • Eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins A, B, and E; this is found aplenty in fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens.

  • Avoid dairy products, red meat, fatty food, yeasts, and sugar.

  • Drink at least two liters of water on a daily basis to help eliminate toxins from the body. Try to drink even more.

  • Avoid using skin products which are chemical based; instead, try herbal products made from natural and chemical-free ingredients.

In addition to the above, people of all age groups should invest in a good exercise, detox, and massage program in an attempt to improve blood circulation, to sleep well, and cleanse the body of toxins which are present. As far as acne is concerned, body detoxification is especially important, as unhealthy skin is a sure sign of a toxic body.

With a little thought and care, persons suffering from acne can overcome the problem, and depression from adult acne can then also be defeated on a permanent basis.

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