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Depression in men is a true problem, although it is true that the percentage of women suffering from depression is much higher as compared to men. The main difference is that men are not good at admitting or accepting that there is a problem. Depression is considered vulnerable and delicate, which is generally considered unmanly by most men.

The problem, of course, does not end here - because men see this as a weakness, they therefore refuse treatment. Hence, treating patients suffering from male depression is found to be slightly more difficult as compared to women.

There are several reasons and causes for depression in men, and listed below are a few:

  • Setbacks in the professional world affect men quite deeply, especially because they are extremely competitive, aggressive, and success is very important to them. If, for some reason, promotions, work reviews, and pay hikes or results are not forthcoming, it disrupts their thought process and negativity starts seeping into their psyche. Inability to let go and move on affects sleep patterns, adds to the stress and eventually becomes a cause for a depressed man.

  • Physical illness or disability is another cause for depression in men. The conventional thought process of men being self-sufficient, independent, and self reliant gets affected when they have to depend on another person, spouse, or children while going through physical trauma. This makes them very negative and frustrated. Restricted mobility due to inability to drive around, having to stay at home for extended periods of time, the lack of physical activity, or disruption to sexual lifestyles, tend to increase their frustration and make men extremely negative and depressed.

  • Failing relationships, broken marriages, divorces, and separations contribute heavily to depression in men. Men are highly uncomfortable discussing their personal life or problems with friends and family. Therefore, all negative feelings and emotions are suppressed.

    Confrontations, arguments, as well as nagging wives with high expectations from the marriage and husband make it very difficult for men to deal with. Situations like this make them avoid these problems and they find escape routes like drugs and alcohol to drown their sorrows in. This not only exacerbates male depression, but disrupts their personal life further. Eventually, they withdraw from friends, family, work, and all other social activities, and ultimately end up feeling lonely and depressed.

  • Depression in a partner or spouse is also one of the main reasons for depression in men. Postpartum depression affects many women and there are also a significant number of men who go through depression during their wivesÂ’ pregnancy and childbirth. Taking on the responsibility of caring for the newly born and a depressed wife can take a toll on the husband, mainly because he is not well equipped to deal with a little baby and a wife who is feeling down.

  • Losing a job and / or unemployment is another factor that contributes to the link between man and depression. This is taken very personally and feelings of inadequacy and incompetency will start preoccupying their minds and, if things do not work as expected, they start becoming extremely pessimistic. If, during this phase, they are not offered timely counseling and guidance, they will surely slip into depression.

  • Men who are extremely aggressive and get violent tend to get more depressed as compared to the rest. Aggression in men should therefore be channelized and controlled, or else, it can become one of the causes for depression in men.

  • In addition to the above, family history of depression is also one of the reasons for depressed men.

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