Depression Prevention - How To Prevent Depression

As with all illnesses, depression prevention is better than cure. Whether it is depression onset for the first time or a relapse from depression, the same principle applies.

Some important ways to fight off and deal with depression actually include lifestyle changes, like sticking to a balanced diet, sleeping well, thinking positively, keeping oneself occupied and engaged as much as possible, and above all seeing a therapist immediately when in a downward spiral. We discuss more about these preventive measures below.

For people who have suffered from depression before, they will be able to notice if they are going down the same path again; it is not very difficult to recognise the signs and symptoms of depression during a relapse. Such people should immediately try and beat depression by ensuring the below basic lifestyle factors are well taken care of.

This is important because with every passing hour, day, and week, the problem will worsen if one does not do anything to deal with it. Once out of control, the risk of depression onset or relapse becomes very high.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is an important part of depression prevention.

Research studies have confirmed that certain chemical imbalances, especially concerned with serotonin, are responsible for depression and it has also been established that serotonin can be produced with regular exercise.

Any form of exercise, be it dance, yoga, or other physical activity, will help relax and de-stress a person by increasing the amount of mood-elevating chemical transmitters in the human brain.

Exercise helps release endorphins which relax muscles, reduce stress, and induce good sleep. Therefore, by exercising regularly, one is reducing the risk of depression and its symptoms manifesting.

Healthy Diet

Nutrition is another critical component but often overlooked component of depression prevention. Health is wealth - simple but extremely true!

Overeating, starving, eating irregularly - all these habits influence and affect the body in more ways than one can ever imagine. In our effort to keep up with a million tasks and items on our to-do lists, we often fail to take good care of ourselves.

Drinking enough water everyday and eating at least two helpings of fresh vegetables helps regulate and keep the physical body nourished with adequate minerals and vitamins.

The amount of toxin build up in the body increases with lack of exercise, lack of sleep, and bad eating habits. Therefore, it is extremely important to detoxify and flush toxins out from the human body from time to time. By investing a little into good exercising, eating, and sleeping habits, one can certainly help considerably reduce the risk of depression setting in. These habits indeed go a long way toward depression prevention.

Speak out and Share your feelings

More often than not, human beings share their joys but not their sorrows. Most of us do not like being sympathized, empathized, and take a lot of pride in putting up a strong front; we often refuse to show our vulnerable sides to the rest of the world.

While all this is very well, what we inevitably end up doing is repressing and suppressing our sorrows and bitterness. Most of these repressed feelings end up occupying a huge chunk of space in the subconscious, and this is highly unhealthy.

Just like how toxins build up in the physical body and it becomes important to flush them out, it is equally important to flush out mental and emotional toxins, too. These mental and emotional toxins are in fact far more dangerous than physical toxins, and getting rid of them is an essential part of depression prevention.

At the subconscious level, these feelings fester and manifest in the form of bad dreams, nightmares, and fear, which in turn become one of the main reasons for lack of sleep, worry, tension, and anxiety. Therefore, it is always better to express one’s feelings to another person as far as possible. Get them out of your chest, be done with saying it - you will actually experience relief and feel much lighter. This too, is important for depression prevention.

At the end of the day, we all are human beings, no matter what persona each one of us projects into the outside world, we’re all the same inside. Pride, ego, arrogance, jealousy, envy, anger, hatred, etc, are real emotions that real people feel - there is nothing wrong with feeling these from time-to-time.

However, what is important for depression prevention and good health in general is for these emotions to be channelized and released, especially by talking about them and expressing them.

One must always remember that nobody is perfect; we are all extremely imperfect beings with a good side and a dark side. First, admit to yourself, then share your innermost thoughts and feelings with another person or write about it, but never let it build inside.

Encourage children to talk about their feelings, what makes them angry, sad, happy, etc, and cultivate the same habit with friends, family, mate, lover, etc, because this will go a long way in ensuring one learns to open up and speak up. This way, one will not feel lonely and depressed ever, and depression prevention will be better achieved.

Keep yourself occupied

Keeping oneself occupied is another important part of depression prevention.

An idle man’s mind is a devil’s workshop! The human brain, with its extraordinary network of neurons and neurotransmitters, can race at the speed of light or even faster. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that this clever mind is occupied and always entertains only creative, productive, and positive thoughts as far as possible.

Irrespective of what one is going through in life; for example, all of us experience failure, illness, death of a loved one, fights and arguments, separation, abandonment, disrespect, etc, at some point in time, one must not let it affect oneself beyond a certain point. Most of these experiences are extremely sorrowful, humiliating, and sad, but one must learn to cultivate the habit of moving on.

While it is easier said than done, one must at least attempt to get on with the business of living. The less one clings to the past, the better it is, because one should learn from bad experiences but not allow them to occupy one’s mind.

Developing new hobbies, trying to solve a cryptic crossword or Sudoku, listening to music, joining a dance or aerobics program - these are all ways to de-stress. By engaging oneself in positive physical and mental activities, one is ensuring one doesn’t slip into the abyss of darkness – this is critical for depression prevention.

We all are aware of the fact that there is a wonderful and beautiful world out there that is waiting to be explored, so get up and get going. There is lots to see and do. Move on, or else one will certainly invite trouble in the form of negative feelings, emotions, and depression. Practice good depression prevention by keeping busy!

Admit, accept, and learn to recognize the onset of depression

Yes, the truth is a terribly bitter pill to swallow, but by pretending to be otherwise, the truth will not change. If one experiences signs and symptoms pointing in the direction of depression, the best advice one can give oneself is to accept that there is a problem.

Recognizing the various symptoms of depression and taking a step in the direction to resolve and treat the problem should take precedence over everything else. It is good to undertake depression prevention as early as possible - there is no point in waiting for symptoms to escalate before seeking professional help.

Therefore, it is extremely important to forget all inhibitions, go out there and get help the minute one realizes one is slipping into depression. Forego your pride – there are more important things to deal with.

These are some simple and important ways one can prevent depression before it really sets in. After all, depression prevention is always better than trying to overcome the condition after it becomes full-blown.

Take care!

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