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There are several different types of depression, for example major depression, dysthymia, bipolar depression, atypical depression, psychotic depression, seasonal affective depression, PMS-related pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder, and postpartum depression, among others.

The most common variety of depression that affects the majority of people, irrespective of age, race, or gender, is major depression. This type of depression is also referred to as clinical depression or unipolar depression.

Major Depression

One in every thirty three children are said to experience major depressive symptoms, while about 20 percent of teens experience major depression before adulthood. Another 9.5 percent of adult Americans suffer from major depression in any given year and nearly 20% of older people are affected by major depression. The average age calculated for the onset of major depression is 32 years. The ratio of women to men is 2:1, which indicates women are more prone to major depression as compared to men.

Major depression is characterized by severe depressive episodes and requires immediate professional help. This form of depression affects the physical, mental, and overall wellbeing of persons experiencing the condition. Among the different types of depression, the severity of this condition here is extremely high.


Among the different types of depression, dysthymia is less severe than many of the rest, but it can last for several years.

This type of depression affects children, teens, adults, and older people, but the severity or intensity of depression is much less when compared to clinical depression or major depression. Commonly referred to as mood disorder, dysthymia affects about 4 percent of children and 8 percent of teens every year. Nearly 5.4% of people above the age of 18 suffer from dysthymia in any given year.

If untreated, dsythymia could translate into major or clinical depression.

Bipolar Depression

Among the different types of depression, bipolar depression is perhaps the most unique, in that it forms one pole of a particular condition, called bipolar disorder.

Bipolar depression, which is also referred to as bipolar disorder or manic-depressive disorder, is characterized by alternating phases of anxiety and depression. This condition is caused by imbalance in the chemical substances in the brain. Bipolar disorder can be treated effectively with the help of medications and timely intervention by professional psychiatrists and psychologists.

Bipolar depression affects children, teens, adults, and older people, but early diagnosis and treatment can help in the speedy recovery of patients experiencing this condition.

Atypical Depression

Among the different types of depression, this form is unusual in that many of its signs are opposite to the “usual”. Atypical depression, as the name suggests, does not exhibit the typical symptoms of other different types of depression. Atypical depression is characterized instead by overeating, sleepiness, and occurs in cycles of normal phases followed by depressive phases.

This form of depression is experienced more by women and has an early onset, especially during teenage years. If untreated, it can continue into adulthood and old age.

Psychotic Depression

Psychotic depression is a variety of major depression or clinical depression where patients experience visual and / or auditory hallucinations with delusions, mostly of grandeur. More often that not, these patients are at high risk of harming themselves or other people and require hospitalization.

Psychotic depression does affect children and teens, because this variety of major depression could have an early onset where children and teens experience hallucinations of various kinds. It also affects adults and older people, where suicide rates are considerably high as compared to other forms of depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal affective disorder, also referred to as SAD, is a variety of depression that occurs in people who are sensitive to changing seasons and is directly related to the amount of daylight available at any given point. This is what one often refers to as “winter blues”, where cold temperature, climate, and early nightfall affect a person’s mood, making them irritable, sad, and depressed.

This form of depression is commonly experienced by older teens and young adults. Again, women are at higher risk of being affected by SAD as compared to men.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is a form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) where symptoms of depression, anxiety, and irritability are more intense or severe as compared to women going through “normal” PMS. Nearly 4 percent of menstruating women suffer from this form of depression.

Postpartum Depression

As the name suggests, postpartum depression, or PPD, affects women post delivering the child. This is a variety of major depression or clinical depression characterized by symptoms similar to extremely severe depression. It can occur within the first days or weeks of delivering the baby. Untreated PPD can last from several months to years.


There are many different types of depression. What is perhaps most surprising about depression is that it does not seem to spare people of any age, and affects children, teens, adults, and older people alike. It is important, however, to remember that depression is a treatable condition, and that people suffering from depression can recovery completely and get back to normal living very soon.

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