Negative Effects of Depression

What are some of the adverse effects of depression on a person’s wellbeing?

The effects of untreated clinical depression are experienced not only by the person suffering from depression, but also by immediate family members and friends. Being around depressed people can be extremely challenging, mainly because extreme cases of depression sometimes result in attempted suicides and life-threatening situations.

Since they are experiencing an altered state of mind, it becomes extremely difficult to predict what they are capable of doing from one minute to the next. Certain situations, memories, remarks, etc, can drive them to the depths of self-loathing and self-punishment that they will not only contemplate suicide, but very often take to drugs and alcohol.

Numerous issues can get affected as a direct result of depression, and some of the common but serious effects of depression are on:

  • Health & Hygiene
  • Quality of life
  • Relationships

    Health & Hygiene

    One of the first signs and effects of depression one notices is lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep. Insomnia and sleep deprivation then start taking a toll on the person’s physical health because it is easy to feel stressed and tired when one isn’t sleeping well for days on end.

    Constant headaches, irritability, crying spells, feelings of helplessness, etc, increase during nights when one isn’t able to sleep and certain thoughts keep playing in one’s head over and over again. This is followed by another classic sign of depression, which is deterioration in personal hygiene. Depressed people often refuse to wash up, comb their hair, wear fresh clothes, or even eat on time.

    Most adolescents and young adults take to alcohol and drugs to escape troubling and disturbing thoughts, thereby creating a dependency on substance abuse and alcohol, which again creates severe damage both physically and emotionally. Indeed, the negative effects of depression can sometimes spiral out of control. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for parents, spouses, or children of depressed people to be extremely patient and to persuade their loved ones to seek professional help.

    Depression can be completely cured, the ill effects of depression can be reversed, and people can get back to normalcy quickly. But this requires regular follow up, lots of love, affection, and support from family and friends.

    One of the most common mistakes most people very often make is to refuse to accept that their loved ones are experiencing clinical depression, neglecting the issue completely and feeling that it is just a phase and the patient will get over it. Such negligence can prove fatal, mainly because the person suffering from depression will be sinking deeper and deeper into the problem with every passing day. Never underestimate the powerful adverse effects of depression.

    Quality of Life

    The effects of depression can be long lasting and can be felt in the overall quality of a person’s life. At a professional level, patients suffering from clinical depression will be non-productive at work and at home, mainly because they cannot adhere to regular work schedules, meet deadlines, deliver results under pressure, work in a group, etc.

    This is due to their self confidence and self esteem being at an all time low. They are going to feel incapable, incompetent, and inept, which will result in poor performance, thereby causing further damage to their already low morale.

    At a personal level, too, people suffering from depression cannot fulfil their responsibilities in various roles and / or situations. A depressed parent cannot take responsibility for his or her children and will not take care of their physical or emotional needs. Similarly, a depressed spouse will not be able to relate to his or her spouse at a physical or emotional level, and can become the cause of serious worry and tension for the entire family.

    Therefore, it becomes extremely important that children and spouses take an active interest in getting the person treated for clinical depression at the earliest. While it takes immense hardship to ensure that people suffering from depression face the problem, accept it, and go through the entire treatment, one must not lose hope during the course of the treatment mainly because there is light at the end of the tunnel and clinical depression is completely curable.

    People will certainly be able to overcome the ill effects of depression and get back to normalcy once they receive effective treatment. If not cared for adequately, depressed children, adolescents, and adults can end up committing suicide, mainly because they will not be able to overcome the fears and challenges in their minds and ultimately want to put an end to their suffering by terminating their lives.

    Adolescents, especially the ones under the influence of alcohol or drug abuse, tend to think along these lines when they suffer from depression, mainly because they lack the confidence to face life, overcome challenges, or express their innermost fears and feelings with friends or family. They often feel that they are worthless and will be laughed at by others. Certain traumatic experiences such as being abused as children, teenagers or even as adults stay in their psyche and they are often unable to share these experiences with others and thereby end up hating and punishing themselves.

    Loved ones must make it a point to help encourage depressed people to talk about their feelings and experiences, and make it a point to give them a patient hearing and convince them to seek professional help if necessary. This will help them to deal with, fight and ultimately beat the bad effects of depression.


    Most primary relationships, however strong, go through trying times during the course of normal life even when everyone is in the best possible state of mind. Therefore, one can only imagine the difficulties and setbacks experienced by people suffering from depression.

    It is also equally challenging and difficult for the other person or people in such relationships, because, as part of the negative effects of depression, depressed people often fail to see reason, do not want to believe there is hope, and ultimately give up any and all effort towards making relationships work.

    Feelings of remorse, guilt, and self hatred will override all other positive emotions and, with the first sign of failure or rejection, they sink further into depression. Therefore, making relationships survive and progress depends mainly on the other person, which is certainly not an easy task.

    At times like this, one should not start believing and agreeing with the person who is depressed, but talk them into facing and overcoming challenges slowly. One should draw their attention to the fact that there is more to life than clinging to one’s fears, past memories, and convince them to seek professional help. Otherwise, along with the patient, the rest of the family members, too, will begin to experience negative feelings and emotions associated with the undesirable effects of depression.

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