Help a Depressed Person Get Back on His Feet

Are you wondering how to help a depressed person?

When we see a loved one go through depression, the natural tendency is to reach out and help that person overcome the condition. It is difficult to see a loved one looking depressed, feeling low, and exhibiting characteristics which are unlike them. Quite simply, we want to see them go back to being like before.

While depression cannot be cured overnight, there are a lot of ways in which friends and family can help a loved one overcome depression. Here, a few tips on how to help a depressed person in his or her depression recovery and healing are discussed.

Information and Education

One thing you could do to help a depressed person is to learn about depression and then educate him or her about the ailment. Without understanding the facts of the condition (e.g. the signs and symptoms, the effects of depression, the conventional and alternative treatment available for depression) it is difficult to help someone overcome depression. Therefore, it is important to visit an expert or a professional psychiatrist or psychologist, or to read about depression from reliable sources.

With a better understanding of depression, you will be better able to communicate and discuss the condition with the person, as well as to arrive at the cause of the problem and to figure out various treatment options.

Restoring Confidence and Hope

If you wish to help a depressed person, you will probably need to help restore his or her self-confidence and sense of hope. The idea is to instill a sense of confidence, courage, and positive attitude to help them cope with their inner fears, troubles, and negativity.

Depression is a phase which is marked by negative thought patterns, hopelessness, helplessness, defeatist attitudes, fear, and loneliness. Under these circumstances, if one can offer love, affection, support, hope, courage, and confidence, it will help turn the tide from a place of negativity and fear to one of positivity and optimism.

By constantly talking to the person going through depression and offering him or her a fresh perspective without sympathizing with him, as well as encouraging him to speak his mind, you can help resolve his inner turmoil and help him clear his subconscious of all the baggage he has been carrying. This will free his mind and allow positive mindsets and thought patterns to take root.

Indeed, offering the abovementioned aspects is an important way to help a depressed person.

Discourage Escapism

Sometimes, people are unable to cope with a depressive phase and look for escape routes to block their fears and anxiety, especially by turning to drugs and alcohol. However, this can prove to be very dangerous and even fatal.

It, therefore, becomes extremely important to ensure that people going through depression, especially teenagers, do not take to alcohol and drugs, because this will only complicate issues further and there will be a new set of problems to deal with in addition to depression. Keeping him or her away from addictive and harmful substances is an important way to help a depressed person.

One should always understand that it is important to keep people going through depression busy, both physically and mentally. Any task or work that involves a little bit of physical activity and concentration should be given or encouraged so that the mind is occupied. This is to help people going through depression think creatively and also become productive, so that they feel good about themselves and stop getting bogged down by negativity.

To help a depressed person, we can always convince him or her to take up any form of exercise, dance, yoga or meditation classes, so that for some time he can work out and detoxify his system both physically and emotionally. This will help him channel his energy positively.

Encouraging them to watch their diet and making sure they get enough of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B complex, and fresh fruits and vegetables is another way of helping people suffering from depression.

Seek professional help

Once the form and severity of depression have been identified, approximate treatment options can then be considered. However, for various reasons, people try to avoid seeking expert or professional help and try to cope with the problem on their own. In some cases, this can prove to be a bad move, because a mild to moderate form of depression can turn severe if it goes untreated.

Therefore, for some people, timely professional intervention could be very important. Thus, one way to help a depressed person, especially one whose condition has progressed, would be to convince him or her to seek help.

Here, it is important to note that one can chose natural or alternative forms of treating depression if one does not want to go down the pharmacological treatment route. There are several forms of alternative treatments for depression that are equally effective, and selection can be carried out based on what suits one’s needs.

Here, a way to help a depressed person is to ensure that the chosen treatment isn't stopped in the middle, and that the person goes through the entire treatment plan as recommended by the expert. Accompanying the loved one to the professional practitioner as recommended and ensuring he or she follows the treatment suggested will go a long way in helping the loved one overcome depression.

Motivation and Counseling

In addition to the above ways to help a depressed person, one can also try and motivate people going through depression to identify their strengths and to build on them, while at the same time to also identify their weaknesses and to work on them, too. All of us are blessed with both positive and negative qualities, and once we recognize both, it becomes easier for us to overcome challenges and to deal with various trying situations and circumstances.

Overall, attempts to help a depressed person involves a lot of patience, hard work, and determination, but it is worth every minute, mainly because it will help transform that person, and he or she will learn to overcome depression without going to pieces.

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