I Want to Kill Myself - Banishing Such Negative Thoughts

Are you or someone you know thinking, 'I want to kill myself'?

Death is the ultimate leveler. However, untimely and unnatural death is a loss of precious life which needs to be valued, treasured, and taken care of.

People going through depression often reach such abysmal depths in their mind and feel that they do not have the emotional bandwidth to deal with their immediate challenges that they contemplate suicide. The thought patterns of people going through depression often border around negativity, pessimism, and ultimately festering a defeatist attitude which convinces them that they are unable to cope with depression. They then want to put an end to their suffering by thinking - I want to kill myself.

Therefore, when depression is in its initial stages, it becomes very important for friends, family, psychologists and / or psychiatrists to start instilling a positive attitude and changing the thought patterns of the person going through depression.

Through constant cognitive therapy and counseling, one can teach them to cultivate a more positive and optimistic approach to life, and make them understand that depression is a phase and, like everything else, this too shall pass. The challenge is to fight depression, overcome it, and come out victorious, way before a thought like 'I want to kill myself" comes to mind.

Certain traumatic experiences during childhood, like physical abuse, broken relationships, illnesses, death of a loved one, etc, are often some situations that trigger depression in people. While some people are able to pull themselves through these trying times and challenges, some are not able to deal with the stress and strain of these incidents and everything is felt deeply at a conscious and subconscious level.

These stressors often result in depression, and when one is unable to express their problems to others or another person, these feelings of guilt, fear, and / or shame drive one to think the only way to solve the problem is through suicide and the idea of 'I want to kill myself'.

Therefore, it is important to ascertain from people going through depression, the causes or triggers of their condition, and those need to be dealt with so that the person feels free from these negative feelings and emotions which are responsible for playing a leading role in the person contemplating suicide.

Once the situation or incident is described by the person and is understood by the family, friends, and / or health experts, they can then give the affected person a fresh perspective, which will perhaps ease the burden or baggage that they have been carrying for a long time. This can also free their mind from thoughts like 'I want to kill myself', to be replaced by other important experiences and thoughts.

Festering thoughts of wanting to kill oneself will most certainly manifest themselves if these are not nipped in the bud, which is why it is important for loved ones to constantly make people who are going through depression feel loved, respected, accepted, and cared for at all times.

Overcoming terminal illness, as well as coping with the loss of a child, partner, parent, or loved one can be extremely traumatic and take a huge toll on the person. In trying times like these, if one is unable to share his or her grief with someone and tries to suppress his or her feelings, it can create a lot of sorrow, and this will sometimes manifest itself as depression.

Unless the person going through depression finds a way to come to terms with his or her situation and overcomes the challenge, this will continue to haunt them and, to put an end to this pain and suffering, they may start to think - 'I want to kill myself'. Therefore, understanding the underlying causes that are creating the pain and suffering and needs to be dealt with go a long way in helping the affected person cope with his or her challenge and to make his or her peace with it.

Constant reiteration regarding how precious their life is and how they can make a difference to all people around them is something that will divert their attention from feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, as well as disturbing thoughts like 'I want to kill myself'.

Encouraging them to engage in activities that involve thinking and keeping their mind occupied will help them expend both physical and mental energies into tasks that will satisfy them. This will eventually help them overcome their grief and sadness, and life will continue with renewed energy and zest.

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