Living with a Depressed Person - How to Help

Living with a depressed person is not easy and can be extremely challenging, mainly because one person's depression can affect the mood and wellbeing of all around him or her.

Preventing Yourself from Becoming Depressed, Too

While depression is not a contagious condition, it can almost be that if one is not careful. People suffering from depression generally tend to be steeped in negativity and pessimism and, like they say, misery loves company; one can thus easily get drawn into their negative world and become rather low and depressed, too.

Therefore, living with a depressed person involves becoming aware of one's own thought patterns and not allowing them to get negatively influenced. While living with a person going through depression, one must learn to take good care of oneself and ensure that one gets enough rest and sleep, and is in a relaxed frame of mind, because that is the best way to retain one's peace of mind and also to help the person going through depression overcome their condition.

Encouraging and Promoting Independence

While living with a depressed person, bear in mind that overly sympathizing and empathizing with someone going through depression will not help the depressed person get over his immediate challenge, but instead encourage him to live in his fears, anxiety, and negativity.

The key here is to decrease dependencies and make them think, talk, and act independently. Once people who are depressed learn to think positively, as well as express their fears and anxieties, they will be able to work themselves out of their frustrations.

On the other hand, if one overly sympathizes with their depression and depressed state, it will only make them stronger in their negative beliefs and thought patterns. By constantly encouraging them to speak up for themselves and to clear the air with what appears to them as the cause of their depression, one can slowly offer them a counter point of view, so that they get an entirely new perspective on their thought process.

While living with a depressed person, without sounding too argumentative, aggressive, or dominating the equation, one should gently guide them towards positive attitudes, optimistic thought patterns, and sharing their feelings with one, two or more people. This will help them restructure their thoughts and learn to better cope with their condition.

Constructive Engagement and Activities

Besides the above, it is important to help a depressed person by engaging them in some activity or the other. While this might not require constant supervision, it is important to encourage them to stay at any task without giving up in the middle of it.

With a few encouraging words while living with a depressed person, one can easily motivate depressed people to find something that interests them and engages them both physically and emotionally. This will help them feel good about themselves and divert their minds from negativity to positive and productive usage of time.

Natural Remedies and Alternative Treatments

Additionally, while living with a depressed person, one should always encourage him or her to explore alternative forms of treatment besides psychotherapy and pharmacological treatments. This is because natural remedies and alternative treatment options like herbal remedies, acupuncture, aromatherapy, etc, will not give rise to any side effects, but instead detoxify the body, release all the built up toxins from the body, as well as calm the body and mind.

The ultimate aim should be to find a holistic treatment that will ensure that the causes of depression are treated, and not just the symptoms masked. If one can guide and help a depressed person to something that will help him better cope with depression, it is the best possible service one can do to that person.

Equipping depressed people with the right methods of dealing with their condition will ensure that they learn to heal themselves while being totally aware of what their problem is. This is an important point to bear in mind while living with a depressed person.

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