Mental Illness Depression - Mental Health and Being Depressed

This page discusses mental illness depression.

Clinical depression is often one of the symptoms of various mental conditions. For example, people suffering from Manic Depressive Psychosis often experience episodes of mania followed by episodes of depression. During the manic phase of this condition, people feel extremely hyperactive, and become difficult to control. On the other hand, during the depressive phase, they go through severe depression and often contemplate suicide.

Similarly, in post-traumatic stress disorder, also referred to as PTSD, people experience anxiety and depression. Also, people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or phobias experience anxiety and depression and it is important to treat these conditions effectively, mainly because during the depressive phase of these mental health conditions, people end up contemplating and perhaps committing suicide.

Mental illness depression is a potentially complicated issue. When the human brain with its complex neurotransmitters is affected, various mental health problems start manifesting themselves. Under such circumstances, people suffer from various neurotic and psychotic conditions, with depression being one of the symptoms or direct outcomes of these conditions.

Chemical imbalances in some of the neurotransmitters, like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, are responsible for depression. If balance is restored, people can be cured of depression. However, it is very important to note that medication alone is not the answer for mental illness depression, mainly because there could be other underlying causes of the condition and unless these issues are addressed directly, the symptoms of depression will continue to manifest and people will not fully respond to medication.

In people suffering from schizophrenia, which is a psychotic condition whereby affected persons experience visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and are sometimes delusional and believe that they are carrying some other personality, it can be very difficult to establish the depressive cycles and phases during the course of their illness. Therefore, it is important to understand the history, signs, and symptoms, before diagnosing a problem and treating it.

The nature of mental illness depression depends on the condition which it is tied to. Each mental health condition or illness comes with its own set of unique symptoms, of which depression may or may not be a part. If depression is part of a mental health condition, it is important to treat the main condition and at the same time help treat depression also. Treating mental illness depression alone will not be effective in such situations, mainly because the underlying problem will continue to prevail and depression will return as a direct consequence of this main condition.

Similarly, in people who are suffering from depression alone, it is important to understand the exact nature and type or form of depression before treating it. For example, depression following pregnancy and child birth could be very different from seasonal affective disorder or seasonal depression.

And each form of depression responds differently to various forms of treatment. In some cases, therapy and counseling alone might resolve the problem, whereas in other cases, depression might improve with a healthy diet, exercise, and natural remedies. Therefore, each case of depression is different and needs to be examined carefully, screened separately, and treated accordingly.

Mental conditions like anorexia nervosa, bulimia, etc, are also often accompanied with mental illness depression, and these conditions need to be treated differently. In conditions like these, it is very important for people to treat the physiological problems and the psychological problems simultaneously. Physical and emotional strength in these persons need to replenished at the same time, because they are deprived of both and until both are at their optimum levels, the affected persons will continue to suffer from these problems.

Ultimately, it is important for people to realize that mental health conditions and / or illnesses are treatable, that mental illness depression can be overcome, and for affected persons to continue to lead normal and productive lives. It is a question of managing the condition effectively by employing methods that are least harmful, extremely effective, and least toxic.

Helping people cope with stress without going to pieces, become emotionally strong to overcome problems both professionally and personally, develop healthy diet and exercise habits, invest in meditation and yoga, all contribute towards leading a physically and emotionally healthy life. A little change in lifestyle might be required, but it is certainly well worth the investment.

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