Natural Remedies for Depression - Diet, Herbs, Holistic Therapies, and More

In this article, we touch on why you should consider or explore natural remedies for depression relief and treatment. We also provide an overview of the various types of natural therapies and remedies for dealing with depression.

The Need for Alternatives

The truth is that depression statistics worldwide do not make for good reading at all. More and more people in the developed world are suffering from and dying from this ailment. And this condition is affecting people of various age groups across the world.

Despite advances in the medical and scientific fields and the development of new treatment modalities, overcoming depression continues to remain a great challenge. Depression, after all, is an extremely complicated condition with a multitude of possible triggers and causes.

Prescribing antidepressants on a long term basis is proving to be more harmful than beneficial to depressed persons. The side effects of taking antidepressants on a continual basis are plenty, and some of these adverse effects are extremely disturbing, being able to create serious damage to the person both physiologically and psychologically. Amazingly, the side effects of such drugs include depression itself, and even suicide!

Now, with the increasing rate of mortality, it is becoming increasingly important for psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other healthcare professionals to find effective natural remedies for depression.

Indeed, having seen and experienced the futility of modern medicine, more and more people around the world are seriously considering and trying alternative treatment options and natural remedies for depression, to help them cope with and beat the condition. And large numbers of such persons are finding such therapies to be equally or even more effective than prescribed medications.

The Advantages of Natural Remedies For Dealing With Depression

But what are the specific advantages and benefits of natural remedies, and why not simply stick to conventional medical treatment?

Here, it must be reiterated again that conventional treatment modalities often come with dangerous side effects. One main idea behind going with natural remedies to treat depression is thus to avoid subjecting the body to high levels of toxicity introduced by synthetic drugs.

These drug medications are extremely strong and can interfere with the normal functioning of the human body if taken on a prolonged basis. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to explore all options available and to choose the safest, least harmful, but most effective way to treat depression. This includes trying what works best for an individual after thoroughly studying the person's condition.

The second main point, which is linked to the first, is that convention medical treatments also rarely tackle the root causes of disease, instead almost always only concentrating on alleviating symptoms. That is not true healing at all.

On the other hand, natural remedies for depression are holistic in nature and attempt to reverse and overcome the true causes of disease. The main purpose of encouraging a person to consider natural remedies is thus to help his or her mind and body heal through the natural process, without interfering with the other physiological and psychological aspects of the human body which are functioning normally.

Seriously - would you prefer to get rid of the mess with a vacuum cleaner (equivalent to when you use holistic remedies for your depression), or sweep the dust under the carpet and pretend it's no longer there (like in the case of using symptomatic treatment)?

Natural Remedies - Introduction

Most people going through depression tend to be extremely closed about their condition. This is understandable, for they probably fear being labeled and so are reluctant or refuse to discuss the various treatment options available.

Friends and family members should therefore always closely observe their loved ones for sustained signs of the blues. If the symptoms and warning signs of depression exist, friends and family should take some action, for example by speaking to the affected persons about possible treatment options. It is possible that just listening to someone speak with conviction about the effectiveness of natural remedies for depression could instill a sense of confidence in the depressed person.

Presently, most people suffering from depression are not always aware of the alternative treatment options that exist. Hopefully, with the passage of time and an increase in awareness on holistic remedies for treating depression naturally, more of them will consider giving these natural depression treatments and remedies a try.

Overview of some Natural Remedies for Depression

There are many lifestyle habits, dietary choices and natural remedies which have been used to prevent, treat and overcome depression. Some of these are very potent natural cures for depression.

Natural and alternative treatment for depression include, but are not limited to:

  • acupuncture;

  • aromatherapy -- aromatherapy helps to relax the mind and body of a depressed person, thus helping him or her to sleep well and re-energize.

  • diet -- a healthy diet forms another key pillar to trying to overcome depression naturally. When it comes to diets and foods for depression, there is also a often-asked question - do chocolates reduce depression?

  • exercise -- regular exercise has a positive effect on moods, mental health and physical health and should form the foundation of any treatment protocol using natural remedies for depression. Exercise is a mood lifter as it stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins.

  • herbal remedies -- herbs for depression include St John's wort and gingko. These are especially useful for the depressed elderly who is resistant to other therapies and treatment modalities.

  • homeopathy -- homeopathic treatment uses ultra-diluted remedies that help relieve the symptoms of depression as well as promote healing. (More on homeopathy here.)

  • hypnotic therapy;

  • individual and group therapy, including psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, counseling, and family therapy

  • light therapy -- therapy for depression using light has been found to be effective for treating the condition, particularly for persons suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

  • magnet therapy -- magnet therapy seeks to improve blood circulation, thereby initiating the healing process, by balancing the body's energy fields.

  • omega 3 fatty acids -- omega 3 fatty acids supplementation has been scientifically proven to improve mental health as well as to prevent and alleviate depressed moods. And fish oil is one example of a good source of these essential fatty acids.

  • spirituality -- spiritual development is important for good mental and emotional health.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine -- Traditional Chinese Medicine is a health modality and healing art which has been around for thousands of years. It commonly uses acupuncture and herbal remedies and it has been found to be effective for treating depression. (Read more on depression and TCM here.)

  • yoga and meditation -- yoga and meditation help people to calm their minds and to overcome fears and negative emotions, instead diverting their thought processes to a more positive outlook. Further, yoga also helps to improve the strength and flexibility of a person's body, as well as boosts circulation.

  • vitamin and mineral therapy -- vitamins like vitamins B6, B12 and C, as well as the minerals like magnesium have been found to play important roles in depression prevention and relief.

  • other alternative treatments like massage, talk therapy, music and dance therapy, tai chi and laughter therapy.

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