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Neurotic depression is a form of depression in which the moods of affected persons depend upon the surrounding environment, such as the time of day - for example, people with this condition may feel extremely depressed during evenings. However, the overall severity of depression is not extreme, and the afflicted persons generally suffer from mild to moderate depression.

Persons suffering from this type of depression wallow more in self pity and feel sorry for themselves, which is contrary to other forms of depression, where affected persons primarily suffer from guilt, shame, embarrassment, etc.

People who suffer from neurotic depression are much easier to convince and counsel mainly because they are open to suggestions and rational thought. Other neurotic disorders include obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), pyromania, various phobias, and certain anxiety disorders.

The neurotic form of depression is also referred to as dysthymia, and there is no specific physiological cause for this condition. This condition is at a purely emotional level, and most of the afflicted persons' fears are irrational. This type of depression is mostly experiential and stems out of the affected person's own imagination. In other words, his or her mind is responsible for his or her mental condition.

Persons suffering from neurotic depression are often convinced that they are going through severe pain, fear the worst possible outcome, and all of this makes them very depressed, edgy, and anxious. While the intensity or severity of depression is not very high, people do go through terrible lows at times. The number of women suffering from the neurotic form of depression is comparatively higher as compared to men. This condition does affect children, too.

While the symptoms of neurotic depression are not as severe as other forms of depression, afflicted persons do go through a lot of physiological and emotional pain. Some typical symptoms include lack of sleep or insomnia, inability to make decisions, and inability to focus on an issue for very long, accompanied by fatigue and depleting energy levels.

Persons with this condition mostly feel depressed during evenings and, in some severe forms of untreated depression, some of them do contemplate suicide. Although the neurotic type of depression is not an extremely severe form of depression, neurotically depressed persons do also have a tendency to think irrationally and to end their lives. Therefore, it is important that professional help is sought to try to treat this condition.

Neurotic depression can be treated by employing different methods, like counseling and psychotherapy, and also antidepressant medications. Treatment could be a combination of any two or all three methods. As always, our stand with regard to drug medications is that they should only be used as a last resort. This is mainly due to their many potentially dangerous, even fatal, side effects. Other safer remedies should first be explored.

In addition to the above, friends and family should learn to help and manage persons who are neurotically depressed with love and care, as well as invest in boosting their self confidence, self worth, and self esteem. They should be encouraged to think positively, engage in creative and productive work, and enjoy what they are doing. Afflicted persons should feel good about themselves. They must learn to control as well as to overcome their fears, without allowing the fears to consume them.

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