Obesity and Depression - Being Overweight and Depressed

Obesity and depression can be linked in both ways. Indeed, being overweight or obese is strongly connected to depression and one condition can lead to another.

Persons suffering from depression often tend to overeat, exercise less, and end up gaining a lot of weight; thus, depression can become one of the main causes of obesity. Also, obesity in teens and young adults can cause a lot of stress, frustration, and low self-esteem issues which contribute to depression. Thus, one condition can trigger another, which is why both obesity and depression are considered to be closely linked to one another.

Stress, Weight Gain, Obesity and Depression

When people go through a lot of stress, a certain hormone called cortisol, or stress hormone, is released in the human body. This hormone is linked to metabolism and other physiological functions. Also, cortisol is responsible for fat deposition in the abdominal area, which is dangerous to the health and smooth functioning of the human body. Thus, stress contributes to weight gain, which in turn can trigger depression.

Weight Gain and Obesity Causing Depression

There is a lot of social stigma attached to obesity, especially when the trend is to become size-zero. Teenage girls often get carried away by this wave to lose weight and end up feeling frustrated, disappointed, and depressed when they gain weight and are not able to lose weight in a hurry. It affects their self esteem, self confidence, and stresses them to an extent where most of them become anorexic or suffer from bulimia. Thus, obesity can become the cause of several other problems, and the common condition experienced by obese people is depression.

Similarly, women in their mid and late 30s and 40s experience similar problems and find it very difficult to come to terms with weight gain and obesity, which in turn triggers depression. Women tend to get too caught up in balancing their personal and professional lives and start neglecting their health and fitness. This results in lowering the rate of metabolism, weight gain, and various other associated problems like knee or joint pains, osteoporosis, etc.

Again, these physiological conditions trigger depression. Therefore, middle-aged women need to be extremely cautious, and invest some time towards exercise, yoga, and meditation. This will help them increase their rate of metabolism, shed a few pounds, and bust stress to a great extent. In addition, women should follow a healthy diet and avoid eating high-calorie foods. These simple steps help to break the obesity and depression cycle.

Overcoming Obesity

Obesity is not an insurmountable condition to overcome, provided one gets a lot of encouragement and support from friends and family. Preparing an effective exercise plan, sticking to it, following a healthy diet, and sleeping well every night can certainly go a long way in combating obesity and shedding those extra pounds. It just takes a lot of discipline, some effort, and dedication to prevent or break the obesity and depression downward spiral.

Joining an aerobics program, walking for at least 30 to 40 minutes on a daily basis, or practicing yoga can prove to be extremely effective in losing weight. Further, including a lot of clear soups, salads, and fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily diet will help increase the intake of fiber. This aids digestion, making it easier and faster, and also ensures that unhealthy fat intake is reduced.

It is important for people to understand that obesity is not a permanent condition and can be reversed; it does require one to become a little disciplined, devote time to exercise, eat healthy food, and sleep well. If one can stick to the above routine, one can certainly lose weight the right way.

Beating Obesity and Depression Naturally and Consistently

The challenge is to stop oneself from slipping into the quick sand of depression and getting caught between obesity and depression. Therefore, it is important to remain positive, optimistic, and confident throughout the weight loss program. If one can integrate the emotional and physiological aspects, one can overcome obesity and the underlying depression naturally, and one need not worry about weight gain and its associated depression.

The key is to not take shortcuts in weight loss, becoming anorexic or bulimic, but instead to lose weight using the right methodology, through regular exercise, eating healthily, and sleeping well. Consistency is key!

One should also remember to drink plenty of water when one gets into a weight loss program, because the tendency is to lose a lot of water and one should not let one’s body become dehydrated. Thus, drinking at least two to three liters of pure water on a daily basis is extremely important for someone who is on an exercise and diet program.

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