Psychology and Depression - Discussion

This page discusses ways in which human psychology and depression could be linked.

People Involved in the Field of Psychology Becoming Depressed

Human psychology is an extremely interesting subject matter. People studying or practicing psychology often tend to go deep into the subject, become self analytical, and during a weak phase might relate to all that they are studying, reading, and working on. If one is not able to clinically detach from patients and their emotional conditions, professionals in the field of psychology could start empathizing with the patients and in turn start experiencing depression.

Students studying psychology often start relating to various conditions and symptoms, which makes them vulnerable to experiencing severe lows. Abnormal psychology and clinical psychology challenge the human brain because these deal with strong negative emotions and experiences. Trying to study, understand, and become experts in psychology can bring out certain sides to their own personalities which they would never have known about.

The connection between psychology and depression extends further. Constantly being in touch with people who are unstable as well as suffering from various mental conditions and disorders can trouble professionals. This is simply because it is not easy to see people suffer and not get affected by it.

Unlike physical conditions, which patients often understand and come to terms with, people suffering from mental disorders might not even be in a position to understand what his or her problem is. Patients suffering from chronic schizophrenia, for example, often experience psychotic symptoms, including auditory and visual hallucinations, which are very real to him or her.

Seeing all of this unfold on a daily basis can sometimes emotionally cripple people who are not emotionally strong themselves. Therefore, for experts and professionals in the field of psychology who all the time deal with people who are depressed, unstable, and suffering from various mental conditions, it could be challenging to not themselves become depressive from time to time. Indeed, be strongly involved in the field of psychology and depression is something which one would be at some risk for.

Human Psychology and How Loved Ones Get Affected by Depression, Too

Then there is the element of how human psychology and depression can affect loved ones. Friends and family members of people suffering from depression or other psychological problems often get drawn into the depressive cycles of their loved ones, simply because it is extremely difficult for them to detach themselves emotionally. It isn’t easy to see a loved one suffer emotionally and not get affected by it; however, one must always try and remain positive during such phases.

Sometimes, there are more than one or two people in a family suffering from depression. In situations like this, the effects of human psychology and depression become stronger, and there are very high chances of the rest of the family experiencing symptoms of mild depression, too. This is because people suffering from major depression can draw emotionally from friends and family and drain other people completely.

Therefore, friends and family members of persons suffering from depression should first keep themselves calm, relaxed, positive, and energetic. One must devote healthy amounts of time and space for preserving one’s own sense of peace and emotional stability, so that one can help the others overcome their challenges.

The effects of human psychology and depression can be subtle. Unknowingly, all of us can sometimes get too caught up with the challenges of others and it starts affecting our own health and peace. In a state like this, we cannot possibly be of any support or help to one who needs it.

Ultimately, it is important to nurture, nourish and take good care of one’s own physical and mental health on a regular basis so that the same can then be extended to others. Those who are involved in taking care of people suffering from depression must learn to detach themselves to some extent from the person concerned, just so that they can become effective caregivers, rather than empathize and themselves feel depressed.

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