Signs of Teenage Depression - Common Symptoms

Understanding and recognizing the signs of teenage depression is perhaps slightly easier as compared to that for adults.

Teens are not able to cleverly hide or cover up their emotions like adults do. Hence, if one is careful enough, one can notice various signs of depression in children and teenagers without probing much. Teenage depression symptoms generally last for more than two weeks. Thus, if one keeps a watchful eye, one will notice most of these symptoms will follow a pattern and continue beyond two weeks.

Some of the symptoms and warning signs teenage depression are as described.

Lack of interest in studies, activities, interacting with friends and family

If a teen is avoiding school, friends, and family for more than two weeks and continues to be disinterested in talking about any of the above, one should immediately look for other warning signs of depression.

Significant changes in eating and sleeping habits

Teens who are non-depressed generally get excited about eating certain favorite foods and desserts, watching particular television shows, or listening to certain music, etc. They are quite clear and verbal about their interests.

Parents should therefore lookout for signs where a teen is refusing to eat his or her favorite food, suddenly loses weight, is not sleeping well at night, or wakes up every morning feeling exhausted. A certain lack of enthusiasm in doing things that are usually of interest to them is one of the possible signs of teenage depression.


While most teenage girls are a little extra sensitive to remarks and criticism, most teens have a quick comeback or retaliate, and often defend themselves. If a teen is depressed, however, an extremely simple and lame remark could trigger off exaggerated reactions. Constant and frequent spells of irritability, crying, or inability to handle strong emotions is another sign to watch out for in teenagers suffering from depression.

Inability to concentrate

Teens who are depressed are often preoccupied with negative thoughts and feelings, making it extremely difficult for them to concentrate on what is being taught or spoken. One will notice that simple tasks will take longer than usual to get done, forgetfulness will be on an increase, and eventually personal health and hygiene issues will be ignored and one will have to remind them about showering and changing.

Drugs and alcohol

Alcohol and substance abuse is one of the sure signs of teenage depression. If a teen is found to be skipping school often or runs away from home and abuses drugs and alcohol, one can be sure that this teen has issues and one of them is certainly depression.

Teens who are unable to cope with stress or feelings of guilt and low self esteem often resort to drugs and alcohol. Therefore, if one notices that the child has cultivated any of these habits, one should check with a professional psychiatrist or psychologist immediately.

Suicidal Thoughts

Among all the warning signs of teenage depression, this must be the most serious one. If a teen starts expressing feelings of hopelessness or severe sadness, parents should seek professional help immediately. This is mainly because only severely depressed teens or people start getting suicidal thoughts.


These are some of the obvious signs and symptoms of teen depression. If one is careful and can encourage the teen to speak his or her mind, one has a better chance of understanding not only the signs and symptoms, but also the possible causes of depression.

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