Symptoms of Manic Depression

What are some symptoms of manic depression?

Bipolar disorder, the other common name for the condition, has two aspects or poles - the manic and the depressive. While the manic symptoms are characterized by hyperactivity and action, the depressive aspect of bipolar disorder are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Insomnia or sleeplessness which lasts from several weeks to months; this in turn results in a marked increase in fatigue, tiredness, and depleting energy levels. Chronic insomnia is one of the classic symptoms of manic depression and one of the first signs to watch out for in persons suffering from this condition. Having said this, there are a few persons who could sleep too much; while this is not very common, it could manifest in some.

  • Complaints of physical pain and illness are another set of symptoms of manic depression exhibited by those suffering from the condition. While there is no real underlying cause for these complaints, these persons usually feel that they are suffering from some disease condition or the other and therefore are in pain. On examination, there will be no causes found, but they will continue to complain of all associated symptoms.

  • Persons suffering from manic depression often withdraw completely from any or all social and pleasurable activities. They will express a strong dislike towards becoming part of any fun activity, mainly because of their depressed state, where feelings of hopelessness, failure, guilt, frustration, and irritability will override all other emotions.

  • Another aspect of the signs of manic depression is that it affects the mind. Bipolar disorder affects the thinking patterns or thought processes of those afflicted very deeply and they are unable to concentrate on any particular task or work. Lack of sleep, irregular eating patterns, etc, affect the normal functioning of the brain, resulting in these people being unable to concentrate, remember, or take decisions properly. Therefore, increasingly, persons suffering from manic depression appear confused and disoriented.

  • Total disregard for personal health and hygiene is another of the symptoms of manic depression that is seen in persons suffering from the condition. Depressed persons often tend to ignore activities involving grooming and taking care of their personal hygiene.

  • Untreated manic depression cases often end up having suicidal thoughts and contemplate committing suicides. Feelings of worthlessness and helplessness will drive them down a completely negative thought process which will point them only in one direction, and that is ending their lives.

These are some of the main symptoms of manic depression exhibited by those suffering from the condition during the depressive phase of bipolar disorder. If there is suspicion that anyone is suffering from manic depression, one needs to keenly watch the person for the above signs and symptoms and if one or more of these symptoms last for over two weeks, it is advisable to seek professional help.

Delays in approaching a psychologist or psychiatrist will only aggravate the symptoms and make things worse for the affected person and his or her loved ones. Also, persons who are not diagnosed and treated on time could start abusing drugs and alcohol in an attempt to escape these symptoms, making things worse. Therefore, timely professional help and therapy is of prime importance for persons suffering from depression.

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