Why Do I Feel Depressed? - The Uniqueness of Each Individual

Why do I feel depressed? Is there something wrong with me? How do I get the help I need?

First and foremost, do realize that every single person is unique, and that everyone reacts very differently to various stressful and challenging circumstances in life.

Everyone goes through depression at some point in time or the other during the course of their life. However, some are able to overcome the challenge and not let it affect them beyond a certain point, while the rest find it difficult to cope with stress and find it extremely challenging to overcome the issue of depression.

Each person has their own unique personality type and, based on our persona, we deal differently with various situations in our lives. The same is true when faced with the question 'why do I feel depressed'.

A person who is extremely sensitive, shy, and introverted will have his or her own ways of coping with his or her challenges, while someone who is outgoing, daring, and talkative has his or her set of challenges to cope with. Hence, people react differently to the various challenging situations they are in and, based on their ability to cope with a given situation, it will be determined if the stress gets to them or not.

Someone who is in an extremely close and intimate relationship and depends heavily on it will crumble if the relationship breaks up or if he or she loses his or her partner. It will take a long time for them to overcome this challenge and, in the process, there is a high possibility that one will be faced with the question 'why do I feel depressed'.

On the other hand, someone who is very independent, enjoys his or her freedom, and is peaceful in his or her own company will not easily go to pieces if there is a break in his or her relationship.

Thus, different triggers work differently for different people, and their ability to cope with the negative or unpleasantness in their lives will determine how depressed they are going to feel. This could be the reason why you are asking yourself 'why do I feel depressed when someone else in a similar situation does not'.

Along the same vein, while some people have an extremely high threshold as far as physical pain and suffering is concerned, and such people will not really feel the stress of going through various health conditions and traumas, others may have an extremely low threshold and cannot cope with the stress of physical pain and suffering. Again, such differences between people may result in the question 'why do I feel depressed when so-and-so doesn't?'

Thus, it is important for each one of us to identify our own strengths and weaknesses and, based on them, one can arrive at what could possibly be a trigger for depression. Once these areas or triggers have been identified, one can then work towards improving our weak areas or learning how to cope with them.

When facing the question 'why do I feel depressed', one should realize that life is linked to thought and behavioral patterns. If one were to observe one's life path carefully, it will clearly indicate a pattern, and unless this pattern is changed or broken, one will continue to face similar challenges.

For example, someone who has a phobia for cats will continue to live in fear of facing cats unless this is worked out of his or her system. Similarly, people who are sensitive and shy will always be posed with the challenge of not letting what other people say affect them. Otherwise, every time someone close says something negative, there will be an adverse impact on them.

Thus, as individuals, we need to chalk out a personal plan for ourselves so that we become more effective in not letting ourselves fall into the same trap every time. Depression is a condition of the mind and unless the cause is determined and treated effectively, it will continue to return and disrupt life.

Still bogged by 'why do I feel depressed'? Explore various natural remedies for depression, including diet, herbs, and therapies.

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